Jones' family hopeful, skeptical about process

Posted at 7:47 AM, Apr 28, 2016

The family of Corey Jones expressed a mix of optimism and skepticism a day after the case was sent to a grand jury.

Holding a news conference Thursday outside the Palm Beach County Courthouse, family members said they want transparency, but "everybody in the African-American community is leery of the grand jury process."

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"There are inconsistencies from statements made in the evidence that we now know there are audio recordings that do exist," said Jones attorney Benjamin Crump.   "We've asked, we've pried but they would not tell us what was on that [audio] recording."

Jones' family said they have been reassured that justice will be sought with "passion" and that makes them optimistic. 

They said they are hopeful the process will end with former Palm Beach Gardens Officer Nouman Raja being charged.

However, the family said Thursday they were hoping State Attorney Dave Aronberg would take matters into his own hand and file charges in the case. 

Corey's brother C.J. said now they'll have to wait even longer to get justice.

“It's just hard just being here and knowing that we have to go through this and keep going through this and knowing that Dave Aronberg has all the power to do the right thing.   That's all we were asking for,” said C.J. Jones.

After the case was sent to a grand jury, Nouman Raja's attorney released the following statement:

"Now that the decision to have a grand jury consider the case has been made, we look forward to participating in that process," Raja's attorney Richard Lubin said in a statement released Wednesday.

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