Firearms instructor calls Orlando gunman's act 'horrendous'

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jun 22, 2016

The former gun-range instructor of the Orlando nightclub shooter says Omar Mateen was an expert marksman when he gave him a refresher course in 2011.

John Murrow with Knight Global International said the course was required for someone to keep their security guard license. He says at that time, he saw no indication the nightclub shooter would ever commit such a heinous act.

"I did the talking.  He did the listening," said Murrow.

State records show the Fort Pierce man consistently posted high marks at the gun-range.

Murrow said that was clear in his own course.

"He was very good, he was very safe with a firearm," said Murrow.

Murrow said he is devastated by what he did the morning of June 12.

"That's something that no instructor anywhere in the world would ever hope would happen to hear that one of their students had done something like that. It's horrendous," said Murrow.

Murrow says he is reaching out to the LGBT community offering concealed firearms classes.

"Offer them some sort of additional protection if they so choose to take that," said Murrow.

He says money from his classes will be donated to the survivors of the Orlando shooting.