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How a large neighborhood prepares for storm

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 16:38:57-04

Intertwined among the 1,000+ homes in the Bellaggio neighborhood in unincorporated Lake Worth, various bodies of water that preserve nature also collect storm water to prevent flooding. About half of the 500-acre neighborhood is comprised of wetlands and lakes. 

“The water, while it’s high, it’s not in a dangerous area yet so we’ll be monitoring that and we have procedures in place,” said Neuman Pollack who lives in the neighbors and is on the neighborhood’s lakes and wetland committee. 

Part of the plan is to make sure drains are kept clear to avoid localized flooding, and watch the water levels in the bodies of water. If they get too high, with permission from the Lake Worth Drainage District, they’ll open what’s called weir gates to make room for more water. They feed into nearby canals, which eventually reach into the ocean. 

“We have not opened our weirs yet we are anticipating however that starting (Saturday) we will be doing so,” he said. 

It’s careful balance to make sure the wildlife that lives here too isn’t impacted heavily. 

Rhea Moss, who also lives in the neighborhood, is a consultant for the lake and wetlands committee. 

“You don’t want drain too much water out,” Moss said. 

Not long ago, it was drought like conditions. Now that the rainy cycle has started, it’s about adapting. 

“In the wintertime we have a beach out here and we get different types of birds and animals because it is a beach. So, you have to learn to appreciate what you have,” Moss said. 

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