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Haitian community protests President Trump in Palm Beach County

Posted at 5:33 AM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-15 23:33:24-05

Members of the local Haitian community protested President Donald Trump on Monday following his reported use of vulgar language when describing Haiti and other African countries.

The president has denied using such language and says he is not a racist.

Protesters gathered near the Southern Boulevard bridge starting at 10 a.m. and began marching at 11:30 a.m. A total of about 200 people gathered at the protest throughout the day.

One protester said he brought his young son to the event.

"I just wanted to expose him to some of the unpleasantries, to put in mildly, that we are currently experiencing today's political climate, so it's kind of a spur of the moment thing," protester Corey Smith.

James Leger, who runs a local Haitian radio station, said he organized the protest when multiple people approached him with concerns.

"President Trump, you came to Miami, you asked the Haitian people to vote for you and you told them you wanted to be their champion. But that's not how you pay it back," he said.

A crowd also gathered across the street from the protesters to support President Trump.

"Because I believe in everything president trump is doing," said Mike Sims, who said he had the opportunity to meet President Trump during the holidays. "I have his back 100 percent and I will have his back all the way."

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's and West Palm Beach Police Department are at the scene to ensure everything remained safe.

The crowds dispersed once President Trump returned from his golfing trip. A few hours later, his motorcade departed for PBIA as he returns to Washington, D.C. for the week.

According to the FAA, temporary flight restrictions end at 8:30 p.m. Monday in Palm Beach County.

However, new VIP flight restrictions were released Monday for Jan. 19-21 in Palm Beach County that could indicate Trump will be back in town next weekend.