Gun sales spike ahead of the presidential election

Posted at 4:56 PM, Nov 08, 2016

Across Palm Beach County, gun store owners say they have many customers coming in, saying they're worried if Hillary Clinton wins the election, it will lead to tighter gun regulation. 

"Gun people tend to panic when they think someone's going to take away their rights," said Robert Renault, owner of RRPSI Firearms in Boynton Beach.  

Renault says he's seeing a lot of people who already own guns buying more, but he also says he's seeing a lot of new, first time buyers as a direct result of the election. 
"You have the people that don't own guns that are afraid they're not going to be able to own guns," Renault said. 

Renault says handguns are going the fastest. He adds that his concealed carry classes are booking up weeks in advance. 

At Guns and Range in West Palm Beach, owner Alex Shkop says it's the same story. 
"The last two weeks we've really been feeling the spike," Shkop said. 

Shkop adds that some guns are getting more costly and difficult to order.

"All the dealers are buying, so the supply chain is pretty much depleted." Shkop said. 

Shkop says whether that problem will get worse depends on the election results. 
"If she wins, it's probably going to get a little bit crazier," Shkop said. "If Trump wins, we're probably going to go back to normal business as usual." 

Both shop owners say they're seeing gun prices spike with demand, but they say they haven't yet raised their own prices. 

The FBI reports it has received a record number of requests for background checks this year, thanks to more people buying guns.