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Fundraiser held for West Palm Beach stabbing victim

Posted at 11:38 PM, May 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 04:05:03-04

Doctors say she could have died. A West Palm Beach woman celebrated her full recovery Saturday after being stabbed under the Flagler Bridge. 

After hearing that one of their neighbors was seriously injured local businesses stepped up to give her a homecoming she won't forget. 

"We thought it was the right thing to do," Victoria said.

Victoria is the owner of Juicy's in the Northwood Village, an place known for it's juice bar, art and wellness center. Victoria donated her space to hosts a fundraiser for the stabbing victim. 

"So many people are here volunteering their time and to see all of that really means we are doing something right," she said. 

It was a night filled with drinks, food and family fun all of the people at event showed up to support Suzanne Ketchum.

"It's very humbling to see people that I never met before just embracing me and saying we're so glad you're alive it's so good to see you," Ketchum said. 

For Ketchum's friends and family there was a time where they didn't know if they would see her again. In April, she was violently attacked while riding a bicycle along Flagler drive and Okeechobee Boulevard. 

"The doctor's said I only had about 30 minutes and then I could have died," she recalled. 

This week doctors told her she had made a full recovery. Last week, she got the news that that police arrested the suspect who stabbed her and Saturday she reunited with the detective who helped solve the case.

"I'm so thankful to him," she said. 

The night was about celebrating her recovery. Ketchum's neighbors in the Old Northwood Historic District will donate all of the proceeds from the event to help pay for her medical expenses. Proving that some times when you fall there will be people there to help pick you up.

"We're really in tune with each other," Jerry Shields said. "We all want to prevent crime and that's the main thing and live happily ever after, haha!"

The organizers say more than 100 people donated money to Saturday's event. Business donations included Juuuicy, Jorge Aquino's Exceptional Services, Umberto's Cuisine and Sunset Bar and Grill.

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