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Family tradition: Feeding hundreds of homeless on Christmas

Posted at 4:34 PM, Dec 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-25 17:27:34-05

Christmas can be tough for the more than 1,300 homeless people who are living in Palm Beach County. That's why one family wanted to make sure those without a place to eat on Christmas day had one. It’s a family tradition now in it’s eighth year in West Palm Beach.

“Sharing with one another. Sharing with each other,” said Willie Miller.

The Miller household looks and smells like Christmas. But in this family it’s not about what’s under the pretty tree.
Instead the family spent about two weeks canvassing places where the homeless and elderly frequent and come Christmas Day, hundreds line the front of their home on 23rd Street in the Coleman Park Community of West Palm Beach for Christmas dinner. A family tradition and gift to those in need.

“You give and you will receive,” said Miller.

It’s a labor of love that's grown. The number of people who brought food and volunteered their time posting flyers and serving is proof it’s a tradition that’s contagious.

”Willie has been great,” said Peter Procops, a volunteer and West Palm Beach resident. “The last two weeks we communicated and I have a new found friend. And its been a wonderful journey.”

The number of people of who brought food and volunteered their time placing out flyers and serving is proof it’s a tradition that’s contagious. But the Miller’s also add just think how the county’s homeless situation would be if every family offered a gift. Whatever that might be.

”The sustainability is actually in the smaller gestures,” said Mario Hatcher, a volunteer.

The Miller's hope their generosity motivates others to volunteer their time and gifts throughout the year.