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Election supervisors target of online harassment

Posted at 10:44 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 22:44:32-05

In the middle of a contentious vote recount in Palm Beach County and Broward County, both election supervisors are now the target of online harassment. 

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher says she hasn't been home in three days because of 24-hour recount operations, but during that time the Washington Post found out Bucher's address and phone number were posted on a Facebook page. 

Publishing that kind of identifying information about a particular person is a process known as doxing. But when asked about the online harassment, Busher says she has bigger issues on her mind. 

"I'm not looking at Facebook. I have no time to look at social media. we're just here working, trying to count our ballots, trying to canvass like we're supposed to." 

The Broward County Supervisor of Elections is facing the same kinds of threats in pro-Trump Facebook pages and on Twitter. 

The online platforms have removed the posts.