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Danielle Caprio questions how her father, a suspect in the Amber Alert, has guardianship of her son

Posted at 5:14 PM, Sep 15, 2017

Jupiter Police called it an orchestrated abduction. A four-year-old boy was taken from his home. When detectives issued an Amber Alert,  they plastered the boy's grandfather and step-grandmother's faces everywhere.

Danielle Caprio got her son back safely, only to have him taken away from her again.

"It's the worst feeling. It's a pit in my stomach. I don't sleep at night. Every little kid I hear, I turn and I think it's my son," said Danielle. 

A judge turned over temporary guardianship to the child's grandfather and his wife. The same couple named as suspects in the boy's abduction.

"I said, 'I'm going to come back for you, I'm coming for you.'  And he goes, 'you promise?' And I said, 'I promise,' " said Danielle about the day she has to take her son to the police station to hand guardianship over to her father. 

Her son was taken from their Jupiter home last month. Police say initially by his nanny Blanca Castro.

The police chief called what happened, an orchestrated kidnapping with several people playing a role. Among them, police identified Danielle's father Louis Caprio and his wife Elizabeth. They live in Miami. 

"It was about four hours later when my dad responded to the police and all he said was 'all you have to know is he's safe and how are you to know it was the nanny that took him?' The detective had him on speaker phone," said Danielle. 

The boy was eventually returned safely through an attorney communicating with police. 

"All this time Blanca Castro (the nanny) was behind bars?" asked WPTV's Michelle Quesada. 

"Yes, she was sitting in prison, in jail at Miami- Dade County for something she didn't do," said Danielle.

Danielle believes Castro is taking the fall for something she believes her father planned.

Jupiter Police won't confirm any of this, only telling us that the abduction was orchestrated by multiple people. 

Danielle is telling her story now because her son has been taken from her again. She said her father asked her to move out of the Jupiter apartment he owns days before the abduction took place. When she got her son back, she took him to Boston where her mother lives. Danielle said then she made a difficult decision, she had to go back into treatment so she gave her mom temporary guardianship of the boy. 

"I'm in recovery and I relapsed after all this craziness had been going on and I got myself together and I got clean. I did it for my son and for myself and I thought I was doing the right thing for him," said Danielle.

But her mother's temporary guardianship did not last long. Danielle's father, Louis Caprio took Danielle's mother to court in Boston. The judge gave him permission to take the boy and bring him back to Florida to sort out guardianship here where the boy has lived most his life. 

"Before I had to hand him over to the police station I bent down and got on my knee and I said to him, I said 'Dom, do you trust mommy?' And he said 'Yeah, mommy I trust you,' And I said it may be a little while but you know I love you and we have this thing I say, 'I love you' and he goes to the moon and we finish it to the moon and back forever and always. And I go 'are you my guy?' And he goes 'yes, are you my mommy?' and I'm like, 'yes,' and we did that," said Danielle. 

When asked what she has to say about her father not thinking she is a fit parent, Danielle said she knows she's not perfect. 

"I'm far from it. I definitely have my faults. One thing I know is I'm a good mom. I may be a lot of other things, but one thing I know is I'm a good mom," said Danielle. 

"They have grave concerns about the mother and the safety of Dominic with the mother, that's why they are doing all of this and it's their hope that DCF will maybe get involved," said David Benjamin, family law attorney for Louis and Elizabeth Caprio. 

Danielle admits she's in recovery and battles addiction but says now more than ever she's fighting to stay clean. 

"It gives me motivation cause I know if I fall now, I don't have a chance," she said. 

Louis Caprio and his wife are asking the state to grant dependency. Danielle plans to fight that and her son's biological father is going to help.  

"We're stronger together. We have always remained in contact," she said about the boy's father despite past troubles. 

Temporary guardianship of the child has been granted to the grandparents until the issue goes to trial, but Danielle will get supervised visits and FaceTime calls with her son.  

"They're not going to keep him. They're not going to get him. It's not going to happen. I don't care how much money they have," she said. 

The boy's biological father is going to undergo a paternity test and has plans to file a petition for paternity. He is going to fight for custody.

DCF also confirmed in court it has opened an investigation after it received a call to its abuse hotline.