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Cuban Americans continue to rally in support of anti-government protests in Cuba

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jul 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 23:51:20-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.  — A nightly ritual with a critical message. People began gathering at the intersection of Military Trail and Forest Hill Boulevard early.

Facing the road, they're rallying with flags, pictures, and signs displaying their displeasure with the current Cuban government.

Joining them are two sisters, Leily and Anyeli.

"That is where I was born there. It hurts just seeing that my family are all over there and what's going on," Leily Tellez said.

Leily came to America when she was eight. But her sister Anyeli was three when she arrived here. She said the rallies are a must to stand with the people of Cuba and keep the calls for freedom front and center.

"I think that it will make people more aware of what is happening," Anyeli said.

As time went on, the crowd continued to grow. A group with various opinions. Some planning to take their message directly to Washington D.C. in the coming days.

"Cuba is everything, it's where I'm from, it's who I am, it's who I represent. It doesn't matter if I'm 90 miles away," Christian Rodriguez said.