Corey Jones Music Festival pushing for body cams

Posted at 11:50 PM, Dec 10, 2015
and last updated 2019-03-07 09:47:54-05

Fourteen bands and three venues are coming together for the Corey Jones Music Festival in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Music is sending a powerful message, but the night isn't about the lyrics on stage, it's about the actions being taken.  

"Why haven't we done this beforehand? Why it took [Corey's death] to figure this out?" asked CJ Jones, Corey Jones' brother who is talking about arming the public with body cameras.

CJ and many other band members are wearing body cameras at the festival to motivate people to start recording. 

'The thing that really struck a chord for me that Corey's brother said was, we have to take this reasonability on ourselves, we can't wait for our city officials. They will follow our lead," said Boris Simeonov, Corey Jones' bandmate and friend. 

Jones was shot and killed by former Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja back in October. The details of what led to the shooting are still unclear. 

"We just want the truth and the facts to be told," said Simeonov. 

Jones played the drums in Simeonov's band, Future Prezidents. Simeonov says fourteen bands and a Downtown business owner were eager to help make the festival happen. 

"We're all behind Corey and we know he would be doing the same thing and participating right along if it would of been any other person driving home that night," added Simeonov. 

Petitions at the festival are piling up in support of laws requiring more police departments to use body cameras and dash cameras. Locals signing say they also want transparency. 

"It's an unfortunate situation, but I think we could all learn some lessons from it," said Jon Filippi. 

With every beat of Corey's drums which CJ proudly polished for the festival, he is hoping people will arm themselves with the truth. 

"This is a wonderful experience, it's bittersweet. My brother is gone but we're just trying to keep the beat alive," added CJ Jones. 

All of the proceeds from drinks sold at Respectable Street, Long Boards, and Subculture Coffee Road will go to the Corey Jones Music Scholarship Fund. 

To learn more about the cause, click here.