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Changes proposed to sexual assault policies

Posted at 7:51 PM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 02:52:54-05

Inside Palm Beach County's Victim Services you'll find Sharon Daugherty with a desk full of information.
"This is all new and I've been perusing it and expecting it there's a lot to interpret," she said. 
She's talking about a change in Title IX that could impact how sexual assault cases are handled on college campuses.
"So we are going to have a lot of lawyers very busy interpreting this information," Daugherty said. 
Some of the proposed changes include raising the level of proof needed, making a no-contact order available for both the accused and alleged victim as well as a proposal that would give the accused the right to cross-examine the accuser. 
"We have brothers and fathers and boyfriends and husbands we get it," she said. "We want the right thing to happen, but we definitely don't want the wrong thing to happen to the victim that's going to traumatize or scar that person."
Another concern is how this could impact the LGBT community. Rex Barnes works with young adults who are survivors of sexual assault.
"So how do we then make that guideline where the individual is comfortable coming forward without feeling like they're being forced to follow these guidelines, laws or title nine policies," he said.
As for Daughtery she's hoping that universities will implement their own changes to protect sexual assault survivors on campus. 
"We can really look to our campuses who are up and running and fully empowered to make those right decisions for their students," she said.