Busy food delivery night on Thanksgiving Eve, Pizza Girls Manager calls it the start of season

Posted at 11:31 PM, Nov 23, 2016
Thanksgiving Day travel isn't the only reason more cars are on the road on the eve of Turkey Day. There's one industry that's thriving before the big feast.
The oven is staying hot and the drivers are keeping busy at Pizza Girls on Thanksgiving eve. 
"This is actually our Black Friday," said George Poole, Manager at Pizza Girls.
Poole says on a normal Wednesday Pizza Girls might have about 15 delivers. He's expected to have 35 to 40. 
"A lot of people are cooking. As they're cooking they don't want anyone in the pots so they're definitely going to be orders a lot of pizzas as well as wings from us," said Poole. 
And the kings of delivery are also seeing the boost in business before Thanksgiving. 
"We'll be out the whole night just running orders," said Christian Castaño, a delivery driver for Delivery Dudes Palm Beach. "You can see people don't really want to cook cause they're going to do a lot of cooking tomorrow, so they order a lot of delivery."
The holiday is also expanding demand for orders beyond restaurant pick up. Delivery Dudes have also taken care of customer's Thanksgiving grocery lists. 
"You can see the Thanksgiving rush, like I did a couple grocery orders today. People sent me to Publix to do some shopping for them," added Castaño.
Pizza Girls and Delivery Dudes will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will reopen Friday.