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American Family Care Clinic has 5 tips to avoid the flu

Posted at 7:36 PM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 04:33:46-05

If you’re starting to wonder whether this flu season is worse than last year's, it’s shaping up that way.

The Florida Department of Health reports there is more flu activity across all age groups this year than the last two flu seasons.

Prevention is on everyone's minds. There is the obvious preventative measure, like getting the flu shot. However, here are a few tips you may not have thought of. 

“We’re seeing a lot of patients come here to the urgent care with lots of symptoms,” said American Family Care Clinic Dr. Kyle Petersen.

“More than what we would normally see in a flu season,” said Petersen.

The big key to preventing the flu, said Petersen, is preventing the spread of germs. 

“That general concept of trying not to spread contamination," said Peterson.

According to AFC Urgent Care there are five things that you could do that could help prevent you from getting the flu:
1.  Avoid sharing pens. You’ don’t know how many other people have used the pen and what germs are on it. 

2.  Knuckle it. If you have to use a credit card machine, use your knuckle not your fingertips because you’re less likely to spread germs to your eyes and mouth.

3. Play it safe at the pump. Use paper towels when picking up the nozzle. You can avoid picking up or spreading germs.

4. Shake and wash. If you have to shake someone’s hands, go wash your hands immediately afterwards

5. Hands off, please. If other people are constantly using your phone to look at photos or videos, they’re probably putting their germs on something you use all the time. Your best bet is to use a disinfectant wipe to wipe your phone.

In the end, doctors still urge you to get the flu shot.