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A rise in COVID-19 cases sees a rise in anxiety

'A test doesn't make a case, a test only detects a case'
Posted at 9:38 PM, Jul 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-03 07:11:02-04

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla.  — The ongoing spike in COVID-19 cases has caused anxious and stressful moments for many.

"I'm not surprised and I'm very worried. What we've seen is just an exponential increase in the number of cases in Florida," Dr. David Dodson said.

Dodson is an infectious disease doctor. He said the notion that there are more positive cases simply because of more testing doesn't hold water.

"A test doesn't make a case, a test only detects a case. But the fact is that the rates are skyrocketing and that's why the positive case is skyrocketing," he said.

Dr. Dodson said in Florida half the new cases are people under the age of 45. He goes on to say that 17% of all hospitalizations in the state right now are people under the age of 45.

Anna Belle Bartholomew said the surge in cases is having an impact on her daily life.

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"Emotionally I'm kind of scared you know because a lot of people are getting it," she said.

In an uncertain time, she's wanting more people coming together.

"It makes me anxious because how are we going to get better if the people are like this, not cooperating," she said.

Dr. Robyn Cassel, a licensed psychologist said she has seen an increase in people with anxiety

"If they're already going through something the pandemic, being quarantined, having cases increase, all of those things might potentially impact them more or differently," she said.

For those affected, from the mental health perspective, Cassel recommends exercise for connecting with others.

"Have fun while maintaining your productivity and your routine if possible. Try to figure out what you have control over," she said.