911 calls from CityPlace scare released, callers describe mass hysteria over possible shots fired

Posted at 5:30 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-03 00:17:01-04

Frantic 911 calls from Saturday night portray the mass hysteria at CityPlace after people reported hearing shots fired.

Dispatcher: 911, where is your emergency?
Caller: They are shooting out here in Downtown CityPlace.
Dispatcher: Okay, what do you hear?
Caller: There are gunshots. Like a revolver, like I don't know they're just shooting.

In almost every 911 call you could hear the fear in the caller's voice. They described chaos as groups of people ran different directions when they heard what sounded like gun shots at CityPlace Saturday night.

"People are running and screaming," said one 911 caller.

Shane Drayson recorded a video of the chaos while running to safety. He was at CityPlace recording a video for his YouTube channel when he heard something.

"I thought it was a chair falling over, sounded like a metal chair falling over then, 10 more shots or whatever the noise was," said Drayson.

In his video, he continues narrating the situation as he tries to get away.

"People were frantic running around," said Drayson. "A lot of cars honking from people running right in from them."

One woman was injured when she was hit by a car during the chaos.

"She's having a lot of blood loss," said a 911 caller. "Her leg, she was dragged by a vehicle."

City officials say they still don't know what happened. They never found a shooting victim, but the incident prompted the city to put a 10 p.m. curfew in place this Labor Day weekend for anyone under 18.

"It was a traumatic time. We're still investigating it. We're trying to look at what we can do so that we are prepared and hopefully won't have anything like that happen in the future," said West Palm Beach City Administrator Jeff Green.

Green says CityPlace private security officers are working with West Palm Beach police. The city has plans to add cameras downtown and increase patrols in the area. The curfew begins Friday at 10 p.m. for all of downtown.

CityPlace management, via its public relations representative, said it did not want to comment on the curfew placed by the city. 

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