Village of Wellington increasing mosquito sprays in all zones

Posted at 9:52 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-06 00:56:48-04

City and county mosquito control divisions are heeding state requests for more mosquito population control. The Village of Wellington is increasing its mosquito spraying efforts nightly with two trucks spraying through designated zones. 

Mosquito spraying is scheduled for every night in August with different zones being targeted east and west of State Road 7, south of Forest Hill Road down to just south of Lake Worth Road. 

"We are real grateful that they are going to be increasing the sprays," said Steve Moss who lives just east of State Road 7. 

Moss does what he can around his home, drains standing water and picks up palm fronds when he seems them in the yard. He's trying to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around his property. 

"The mosquitoes used to be really bad out here, they've gotten better. You know just like always if you get some rain or early evening it gets pretty bad out here," added Moss. 

Even though no locally transmitted cases of Zika have been reported in Palm Beach County, Moss says he's taking precautions with his own kids. 

"When we're out here at certain times we're always spraying the kids and myself with bug spray," added Moss. 

To find the schedule for mosquito spraying in your community or county you can go to your city or county website and look up the mosquito control division. There should be a mosquito control hotline number. look for a mosquito control hotline number.