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Seminole Ridge High School students building homes for Habit for Humanity

Posted at 7:21 AM, Oct 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-14 07:21:57-04

The Construction Academy at Seminole Ridge High School is building its ninth house for Habit for Humanity.

The work is done by high schoolers in the academy and their longtime teacher Rick Terkovich

"It's a great feeling. That's why I'm still here. It's because of the kids and cause of that feeling when we hit these points,” said Terkovich.

In December, the home will be transported to Belle Glade.

Work will finish there and a family will move in come March.

It means a lot to the students doing the work.

"It feels really nice just to know that I'm able to allow somebody to have a roof over their head. Especially when it comes to putting in the work of doing the drywall, doing the painting, doing the flooring. It's just real nice to know," said Seminole Ridge High School senior Justin Quicksey.

Senior Kaleb Whippy said, “Feels pretty good we're making it for someone who needs it. Not just making it to make it. We get to make it for someone who can live it now and we get to experience the learning process.

Quicksey learned the ropes from Terkovich and is now passing along his knowledge.

"He teaches us, then once we become seniors we start teaching them, they got to pass it on. It just goes on," said Quicksey.

This house stands out because students had to take a time out from building because of the pandemic.

Forty-five students a day started building this back in January 2020, but paused when it was online learning only.

Building may have taken longer, but this team says more attention was given.

"Day to day I kind of take it for granted, but there's certain benchmarks we hit and it's like holy moly, I can't believe that the kids did this, that this was accomplished, that we got it done in time," Terkovich said.

Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County Chief Development Officer Amy Mauser says the Royal Palm Beach High School HVAC program will help finish the work on the house once it's in Belle Glade.

Other homes built at Seminole Ridge High School have been delivered to West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and more places in western Palm Beach county.