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Safety tips for cold nights

Posted at 11:47 AM, Jan 30, 2022

People across South Florida experienced one of the coldest night in the past ten years this weekend.

Two cold weather shelters opened Saturday night in Palm Beach County.

Cold weather shelters open strictly to provide shelter for the night.

Officials with the Division of Emergency Management in Palm Beach County said these shelters only open when temperatures are expected to drop below 40 degrees for more than four hours.

As of Sunday morning, no decision has been made regarding the opening of a cold weather shelter for Sunday night.

WPTV is sharing some tips for how to deal with this frigid air:

PETS: Most pets in South Florida are not used to colder weather. If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your pets. Animal Care and Control said to bring your pets indoors and give them blankets, coats, or a heater.

PLANTS: Plants should also be brought indoors. If they cannot go inside, they should be covered with either a blanket or a plastic sheet.

HEATERS: First responders said when using space heaters, make sure you unplug them before you go to sleep or leave the room. They also said to make sure they are not within three feet of anything flammable. Officials urge not to use ovens or stoves for heat either. They can easily cause a fire.