U.S. Rep. Val Demmings brings Senatorial campaign to Port of Palm Beach

Posted at 8:12 PM, Dec 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-17 20:12:56-05

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — U.S. Rep. Val Demmings brought her Senatorial campaign to the Port of Palm Beach on Friday.

Demings was in Riviera Beach promoting the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill and blasting incumbent U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio on gun control.

"What I can tell you is my opponent Marco Rubio has failed to make any attempt to pass meaningful common-sense gun control legislation," she said.

Demming, a Democrat from Orlando, has supported legislation to enhance background checks for buyers and says she won’t allow critics to hijack the conversation and make it about second-amendment rights.

"I do believe that as elected officials we have directed obligation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, out of the hands of the mentally ill, out of the hands of criminals and out of the hands of terrorists. I don't believe that is too much to ask Senator Rubio."

Demings said the bipartisan infrastructure bill will provide money to ports like the one in Riviera Beach that is so crucial to providing good to the Caribbean, as well as transporting the sugar crop to refineries.

"We certainly heard the administration's commitment to making sure that funding was available to expand capacity at various ports throughout the nation," she said. "We are certainly hoping some of that funding makes its way to Florida."

Rubio responded to Demmings, blasting her for supporting President Joe Biden's "socialist agenda."