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Riviera Beach police chief talks Derek Chauvin verdict

Posted at 4:20 PM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-21 17:40:32-04

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — Bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

The Derek Chauvin trail has shined a spotlight on systemic racism and many issues that did not happen overnight.

But now, many say there is hope to move forward.

Sitting on a picnic table at Cunningham Park in Riviera Beach, Anthony Garrett says the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd has been the talk around town.

"That verdict really eased a lot of tension," Garrett said. "I feel like the verdict was good in every way because I'm a black guy, I don't want this to get out of hand no further than it is."

Anthony has lived in Riviera Beach for more than 10 years and watched the trial closely the past three weeks.

"I felt that he should have been found guilty," said Riviera Beach Police Chief Nathan Osgood.

Osgood said Tuesday's verdict shows the judicial system works.

"It's a start to reset the trend across the nation that police officers will be held accountable," Osgood said.

Osgood has been the chief now for a little over a year. He says Derek Chauvin does not represent most cops, but there has to be a lot of rebuilding, and his department is working to repair relationships between police and the community.

"We got to get them to believe in us and our police officers got to go out and believe in the community. We have to become one," Osgood said.

Chief Osgood tells us that starts with community events, more patrols, and Anthony agrees, it's a work in progress.

"So I mean it's not over with...there's a lot more still to come a lot more things need to take place, but you and I can't do it alone," Garrett said

Chief Osgood says we have to take baby steps, problems won't be fixed overnight, but he made it clear that any officers eroding the trust in the community will not be tolerated.