Worth Avenue business sees increase in walk-ins during presidential visits

Posted at 10:52 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2019-01-18 16:52:37-05

The unofficial word is that President Donald Trump may be back in Palm Beach for a third weekend in a row. On Monday Congresswoman Lois Frankel met with frustrated business owners at Lantana airport who are grounded during the Presidential visits. But not all local businesses are suffering from the tight restrictions in place when Trump is in town. 

Running on island time and optimism, there's one shop on Worth Avenue that's basking in the opportunities presented by recent Presidential visits. 

"I think that any time traffic is being pushed down here, regardless of who is pushing it, it is great for all of us right now especially in this retail climate," said Spencer Antle, Creative Director of The Island Company on Worth Avenue. 

Antle says he has had more walk-in customers over the weekend when roads shutdown and traffic on Palm Beach increased. He says on Monday he had record sales.

"There's without a doubt an uptick. He's [President Trump] going to be bringing in crowds for the remainder of his presidency," said Antle. 

But there's no silver lining in Jorge Gonzales' situation. He owns an aerial advertising business that is grounded every time the President is in town. Lantana airport is within a 30 mile radius of Mar-a-Lago, inside a no-fly zone. 

"If they continue on their present course, I will be out of business May 1st," said Gonzales. 

Gonzlaez says he lost 30 thousand dollars in contracts while the President was in town the last two weeks. 

"It's brutal for me. I'm a small business. I have three children," he added. 

The President is expected to travel to Mar-a-Lago frequently.