President Trump waves at supporters rallying near Mar-a-Lago

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-05 08:22:12-05

From South Florida to New York City, to Washington DC, President Trump supporters  organized rallies across the United States Saturday. Thousands lined streets with their signs, hats and bull horns.

Hundreds who gathered near Mar-a-Lago got a special surprise from the President as his motorcade passed by. President Trump got out of the vehicle he was riding in and paid a thank you to his supporters.

"He waved to the crowd over here, so that's pretty amazing," said supporter Charles Matthews.

Across from supporters stood a group of protestors.

"We don't want him here you know," said Belinda Chen.  "If he really wants to fix our country, he should be doing his job, so, you know, we don't want him here, just basking in his glory, no, spending our taxpayer dollars."

Chen said she protests each weekend when President Trump is in town. She felt Saturday's rally marked another great opportunity to demonstrate.

"We're all for that," Matthews said of those on the opposite side of the road. "We want everybody to be able to go out and protest, do whatever they want to, but just don't get violent, and today, it did get, at times, a little testy."

A heavy police presence kept protestors and supporters civil, however.

"We do our thing they do their thing," Chen said.

Those rallying said the main goal was to show the President he has a lot of support.

"We have to get behind whoever it is, whether it's Obama or Trump," Matthews said. "You have to support your president, and that's what we're out here to do today."

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