Palm Beach County Mosquito Control says Kissimmee lab has tested 22K mosquitoes for Zika

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A local non-travel case of Zika in Palm Beach County has mosquito control mobilizing. The department's inspectors already went out to the person's home last Friday, but found no mosquitoes in their neighborhood. Mosquito traps will be set in the area.

According to Palm Beach County mosquito control, 22,000 aedes egypti mosquitoes in Florida have been tested at a lab in Kissimmee. So far none have been Zika positive.

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"It's very scary to me [Zika], so I hope that they get them [mosquitoes] under control," said Gina Trexler who is visiting her family in West Boca Raton.

A high mosquito count in the area between Lyons Road and 441 prompted mosquito control to spray the area last Thursday and Friday.

"I know some of the kids are saying they wake up with bites in the morning," said Trexler, talking about her nieces and nephews.

More rain has Trexler concerned about mosquito breeding around her family's home. She packed repellant, but says it's not doing much.

"I was sitting here and I was still, like even though I had on, I was still getting bit," said Trexler.

Palm Beach County mosquito control does not have another spray scheduled right now. It is continuing to trap mosquitoes for testing. A spokesperson says the overall mosquito counts across the county are low.

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