Parents: District should have delayed school

Posted at 8:22 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 20:22:08-05

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla-- It was a morning of mayhem. Strong winds and severe weather stretched across Palm Beach County Tuesday morning.

We heard from many frustrated parents Tuesday morning. Many of them had kids heading to school in the middle of some of the morning's severe weather.

Many of those parents voicing frustrations that the district did not delay or cancel school.

Some of our western communities were under a tornado warning.

"I was calling every number in my phone asking if they can take my son to school." Loxahatchee Groves mother Brittany Colon was terrified to let her son ride the bus this morning even after the warning expired. Colon was at work and had to call a neighbor to take her son to school.

"It was still raining, and I just didn't like it. They should at least delay it," said Colon.

However, there were no delays or cancellations from the district.
We did find several bus stops on the edge of the tornado warning cone that pick up around 6:30am, about the same time as the warning expired, leaving many parents, like Colon, questioning why the district didn't take action.

"When the rain stops and the tornado warning's done, then they can say school starts," said Colon.

In a statement the District tells us:

"The District is constantly monitoring weather conditions to determine how a storm could affect our students and school operations. We all know how fast weather changes in South Florida, particularly this season where we have had multiple tornado watches and warnings. This storm moved in quickly, and the tornado warning was issued after some buses were beginning their routes. Once buses are on the road, we must ensure students are picked up and taken to school. Once students are picked up, delaying school isn’t possible.

"Ultimately, parents have to make the choice that’s best for their children and their families. With a district of this size, bad weather may affect one area and not another. We are asking schools to work with students who may have been late to school or missed school because of the bad weather, as well as work with teachers and other employees who may have been delayed.

"We are always analyzing our responses to events to see how we can improve, and will do that with this situation."

The District says its priority is to pick up kids and get them out of the weather. However, if there is immediate danger on the roads, the drivers are told to seek shelter.