Animals decapited for religious sacrifice dumped on Loxahatchee Groves homeowner's property

Posted at 6:06 PM, Dec 20, 2016
Over the weekend, A Loxahatchee Groves homeowner found two animals with their heads cut off and dumped on their property, according to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.
Because of the kinds of animals found and how they were killed, authorities believe this was a religious animal sacrifice and they're seeing more of this during the holiday. Animal Care and Control officers found a goat and a rooster, with their legs bound, heads severed, dumped in a trash bag in someone's yard.
"We're seeing livestock being dumped in illegal ways after it's been slaughtered or inhumanely killed through a sacrificial ritual," said Captain David Walesky, Operations Manager for Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. 
Captain Walesky says there's been a spike in goats, chickens, and roosters carcasses found in the western communities. Animal sacrifices for religious rituals are protected under the First Amendment, but dumping carcasses is illegal. 
"That's not right, that's not right," said Maricell Wells, who lives in The Acreage. 
Some homeowners in the western communities are disturbed by the practice. 
"I love animals. I respect them. When I go hunting, I'm a meat gathered, I'm not a trophy hunter," said Steve Banks, an Acreage resident. 
The goat's head in this incident was found near its body. There is an ongoing investigation to find out who dumped the animals and if they were killed inhumanely before their heads were severed. 
"It's disturbing in the least, when you find this stuff. Especially when it's disposed on somebody else's property," added Captain Walesky.