Local women heading to Washington, D.C. for Women's March on Washington

Posted at 12:18 AM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 04:46:41-05

Standing up for the rights of women.


Hundreds of thousands of men and women are expected to march through Washington, D.C., following President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, spreading a message that they want to make loud and clear to lawmakers.


During a tense political climate, they want to make sure women’s rights are a priority in the new administration.


Alex Newell Taylor is the West Palm Beach Captain for the Women’s March on Washington. She says more than 700 people from the West Palm Beach area are expected to make the trip to D.C. and nearly 20,000 people are expected to travel from Florida.


Taylor says she’s never been a part of protests or rallies before, but this election season motivated her to change that.


“It had to come to this to get people like myself, who unfortunately had been complacent, who had sat back and thought it’s all going to be OK and other people are going to do the work for me, to realize we can’t afford to be silent,” Taylor said.


Women from across the country are marching for their own reasons, and will be joined by men, too, who want issues important to women to be heard.


“We’re concerned with what’s going to be happening with immigrants rights. We’re concerned about what’s happening with social justice issues and environmental issues. These are all women’s rights when you get down to it.” 


“I think women can rule the world,” said Jupiter resident Judy Magnant.


She is also making the trip to be a part of the march.


She says she voted for Hillary Clinton, and has been a part of rallies for women before. She’s also involved in women’s organizations.


Trump’s presidency worries her. “I worry about the acceptance of behavior towards women that he has exhibited."


While the results of the election devastated her, she hopes she will find some peace of mind by being in Washington, D.C., surrounded by like-minded people.


A similar march will be held in West Palm Beach at the Meyer Amphitheater Saturday, from noon to 4 p.m.