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Local woman warns of fake doctor saying former partner could have given her HIV

Posted at 11:53 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 05:38:36-05

A local woman wants you to hear her story about someone posing as a doctor, saying she might have HIV after the so-called doctor said a former partner of hers was diagnosed and she could be too.

The woman wants to remain anonymous, so we’ll call her Sarah. On Sunday, she missed two calls from the same 561 number.

“The first call was at 11:57 a.m. and the second call was at 12:14 p.m.,” Sarah said, looking at her phone.

So, Sarah called back in case it was something important. It was from a doctor, the caller said.

“I’m calling from the health department and somebody came in and tested positive for HIV,” she recalls. “They wanted to contact everybody they had sexual relations with.”

The supposed doctor told her she was to come down to a specific Palm Beach County based clinic right then and there, on Sunday afternoon. And they insisted.

“They repeatedly said you have to get an exam and completely undress,” Sarah said.

And after she was done, she’d get paid $2,000 just to get tested.

“Part of me was like, $2,000 year I could use that. But I thought to myself, wait a minute. Something’s a little off here,” she said.

Sarah’s been married for 24 faithful years, she says.

“When they mention the HIV thing and I thought, you know, before him and I got married years ago. There was things I did years ago so, I was like, what? Things find you, you know,” she said.

But this sexual encounter was supposed to happen four years ago.

So, she called the caller out.

“I said as soon as you can confirm what you’re telling me is true and not a scam … 'click.' Right away, right there,” she said. 

The caller hung up.

She’s sharing her story because while she didn’t fall for it, she knows someone might.

“Rape somebody, possibly rape somebody. Mug them. Who knows?” she said.

She’s reported this to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Federal Trade Commission. WPTV also asked around to other law enforcement in our area to see if they’ve had any reports, but so far, none have said they have.