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South Florida nonprofits hope to empower kids of all ages through mentor-led experiences

'I've learned a lot,' student says
Posted at 10:34 AM, May 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-01 11:41:36-04

LANTANA, Fla. — South Florida non-profit organizations are teaming up to help teach valuable life lessons to kids of all ages while at sea.

"I've learned a lot," said Adrian Glasgow, 18. "I've learned patience to keep my faith even when it's going through trials and tribulations."

The American Academy selects students, ages 5-18, based on academic excellence and demonstration of character in their community.

Its mission is to empower them through mentor led experiences.

"The plan for today is to take out our youth out fishing and enjoy learning how to have patience, learning how to communicate, build relationships and most of all learn how to work together," said Mark Roseme, founder of American Academy.

"It's basically keeping me stable and grounded," said Glasgow.

Also on board with the goal to inspire is Reel Mentors and

"We just bonded and built a great relationship and getting to see what a special human being he is, humble, hardworking, dedicated," said Anthony Passero of

"They are going to be the future," said Ronny Suverkruvve, founder of Reel Mentors. "They're going to be the one's mentoring in the future so it's just to give them the opportunity to see what we're doing here."

Before heading out to deep sea fish, the mentors from the non-profits sat down with the students to teach them how to tie a fishing knot and other fishing basics.

Suverkruvee said it's a gift that keeps on giving and that some students have returned to mentor others after having finishing the program.