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Uber to add tip option for customers, lawsuits filed over wages in several states

Posted at 2:21 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 19:32:31-04

Later this month Uber drivers will likely see an extra chunk of change in their accounts. The company is adding a tip option to its app in Florida by the end of July.

Drivers have been pushing for transparency after a lawsuit in New York claiming drivers were being taxed after the company had already taken its cut. The company will pay out millions it owed to drivers in the state. Here in Florida, Uber drivers are looking forward to a new chunk of change they'll be getting from the upcoming tip option.

Driving for Uber is not David Hall's only job, but it's one that he enjoys.

"I get the mojo, the excitement of meeting people at random," said Hall.

Like most Uber drivers, Hall is driving to make a little extra cash.

"It hasn't been a big money maker," he added.

And he's' wondering why not? One reason: customers don't have a tip option.

"Made my own sign that said, did you know tips are not included, tips are not mandatory, but tips are greatly appreciated," said Hall.

Out of season for Palm Beach County, Hall told me he makes about $10 an hour driving.

"I think this whole system was designed for passenger performance, to have passengers have a really low rate which is probably half of what a cab is," he said. "I think the drivers have less of a voice than me personally would like to have."

Like many thousands of Uber drivers nationwide, Hall pushed for more transparency. Recently, the company made changes to let drivers see what a passenger pays for a ride after the ride and how much he or she will make after Uber takes its 25 percent cut.

By the end of the month, the Uber app will give customers a tip option.

"I'm in it to make a living," said Hall.

Uber has also made changes to pay drivers for any wait times associated with the ride. If the passenger makes a driver wait more than two minutes after his or her arrival, every minute after will be calculated into the trip time and increase the overall cost of the ride.