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Palm Beach County School District says parent will face charges for fight with student

Posted at 7:15 PM, Oct 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 19:15:51-04

The Palm Beach County School District is looking into a fight that happened at Lake Worth Community High School between a parent and a student.

A social media video that has now been taken down shows a parent approaching a student and inciting a fight with the girl. In the video the parent is seen confronting the 10th-grade girl and telling her "you want to fight, you fight with me." She then pushes the teenager. 

The father of the student pushed said every time he sees the video he is upset. 

"He said, she had no right coming to the school campus and trying to fight a student that's really actually a minor," said David Datus, translating for the girls' father Daico Aristiled. 

We don't have the identity of the woman in this video posted and shared on social media, but school police say she has been notified that she will be facing charges. The first four minutes of the six-minute video shows the woman becoming increasingly aggressive towards the student to the point that other students held her back. 

 "She asked for my name and I was in front of her, she was like who's Teresa, and I was like it's me and she starts doing like, insulting me and things like that," said Teresa Aristiled, the 10th grader seen pushed in the video. 

Teresa said the woman caught her off guard and she thought it was a teacher or school staff member looking for her. She said she did not want to fight the woman or her daughter, but the confrontation continued to escalate and Teresa said she fought back in self-defense. 

"As a parent, you should be an example, cause you can't go on campus and touch a student," said Datus, translating for Teresa's father. 

A few minutes into the video, an administrator intervenes. Aristled said he believes the woman should face charges for assaulting his daughter. 

"Yes she does, cause if one of the students had not held her back, she would have caused actual damage," said Datus, Teresa's cousin who was translating for his uncle. 

It's unclear what happened between the two students prior to the confrontation seen on video, but the mother is heard alleging that Teresa was threatening her daughter.

The school district will not comment on whether the students are also facing discipline. The district says the State Attorney's Office is reviewing the case.