Local mom warning parents about expired formula

Posted at 11:23 PM, Mar 07, 2016

A local mother is warning other parents about a shocking discovery she says she made while buying baby formula at a Target off Lantana Road and State Road 7.

Feeding time is a special moment between Samantha Goldson and her three month old baby Zoey.

“She’s my first girl, so she’s like my princess,” said Goldson.

Zoey is used to her formula, but Goldson says last week she noticed a change.

“She’s never vomited like this so much and then my babysitter, I don’t know what made her look at the formula, she’s just like Sam, this is expired,” said Goldson.

Goldson says she had just bought this Gerber baby formula from the Target on Lantana Road and State Road 7, the expiration date is September 2015.

“I buy all my formula from that Target so I’m like okay let me go ahead and look,” added Goldson.

When Goldson went back to the store with her sister, they were shocked by what they say they found on the shelf.

“All of them were expired, every single one of them, not one had 2016,” she said.

Goldson says she notified a store employee and filed a complaint with guest relations.

“I’m not just going to sit back cause I feel for all the other babies out there drinking that expired formula,” added Goldson.

She says she took Zoey to the pediatrician because of the vomiting. The doctor’s treatment plan noted stopping the use of expired formula and monitoring the baby.

We went to the store on Friday, the day after Goldson says she recorded the video of the expired formula, and everything on the shelf was up to date.

The manager of the store did not want to comment on the incident.

A spokesperson for Target released this statement:

“Target is committed to food quality and we have processes in place to monitor freshness of products in our stores. We are looking into this situation. If a guest happens to find a product that has passed its expiration date, we encourage the guest to alert store team members. If the guest has already purchased the product, we will gladly provide a full refund.”