Local MLK marchers weigh in on President Obama, Trump inauguration

Posted at 10:13 PM, Jan 16, 2017

LAKE WORTH -- After 23 years of planning the Martin Luther King march in Lake Worth, Retha Lowe doesn't walk, she rides.

New year, same MLK inspired message.

"It has brought unity, love and freedom in our City of Lake Worth," Lowe told NewsChannel 5.

What's different this year: the nation’s first black president ends his eight years in office this Friday.

Derek and Pam Townsend married a year and half ago.

"President Obama has shown a lot of the people in the African-American community that there is no ceiling," Derek Townsend says.

It's what happens the next four to eight years that's people here say might be in question.

Georgia Democratic Congressman John Lewis told "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd that he's boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump. He said he doesn’t view him as a “legitimate president.”

Retha agrees.

"I have closed him out of my mind. He is not my president. He's the one that some people have elected. I don't worry about him at all."

The Townsend's see it differently.

"The election over with and we had to do what's best got the United States of America and that means we all need to come together and work on the issues that makes this country better," Derek Townsend says.

"We're all on the same team here and this is our country. If you're a patriot you honor the President of the United States," Pam Townsend says.

We met four year old Jaylin right as the march was ending. His aunt, Adella Bell says the only way to look at this is from her nephew's perspective.

"We got to show people like Jaylin, that I don't agree with this person but hey, we put that asides and we want and we celebrated because this is the United States of America and this is our new president."

We've also checked with South Florida's Democratic congressional representatives to see if they plan on attending the inauguration. 

U.S. Reps. Debra Wasserman-Schultz and Ted Deutch say they will be there. We're waiting to hear back from others.