Green algae blobs popping up in Lake Worth Lagoon

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 23:40:13-04

Lake Worth residents are starting to see more green algae in the Lake Worth Lagoon. 

There's a subtle green glow in the Lake Worth Lagoon. Barbie Fabian noticed it a few weeks ago.

"Just a really thin layer of it and it was very fluorescent and we just wondered if that's what it was because we've heard about it," said Fabian.

Green algae is popping up in the Lagoon along her waterfront home on South Flagler near Summa Beach.

Governor Rick Scott expanded the state of emergency he issued in Martin and St. Lucie Counties to Lee and Palm Beach Counties Thursday.

Locals are heeding the warning signs. The annual 4th of July Great American Raft Race won't be much of a race this year.

"There's a big disappoint of course that a lot of rafts won't touch the water," said John Faust, an organizer of the event.

But the show will go on. All of the festivities at Bryant Park Monday are still happening, just not in the water.

"We're taking the side of precaution," added Faust.

Right now green algae in the lagoon is nothing compared to what's happening in Martin County, but Fabian is bracing herself.

"I hear that there's a stench that comes with it, you know, just the sea life, the manatees, and the fish and how it just might smother all of that is very disheartening, it's depressing," added Fabian.

Fabian fears her summer says enjoying the view on the porch are numbered.

"I think the way the wind blew, it just smells very sulfuric and I don't know if that's what they're smelling in Marin County," she said.

The festivities for the Great American Raft Race have been going on for several days and will continue throughout the weekend.

On Monday, organizers say thousands of Lake Worth neighbors are expected to gather at Bryant Park at noon.