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FPL introduces solar trees to South Florida

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-20 05:11:16-04

Joining South Florida's lush, green canopy of real trees are a new crop of solar trees. These "trees" have blue trunks and bear no fruit, but feeds us like it's 2017.

"If you're at the beach and your phone starts to die, you can charge it right here using our sun," Lisa Paul, a spokeswoman for Florida Power and Light, said.

Here's how solar trees work: each tree comes with two solar panels. The panels will send electricity to our power grid and to a nearby box with plugs for phones and other devices.

"This tree can power an electric vehicle for 15,000 miles in a year," Paul said.

Customers who opted in to FPL's 'Solar Now,' campaign pay an extra $9 a month to help fund these.

These are just the beginning for Palm Beach County.

FPL says they are working with other Palm Beach municipalities to bring these trees to public spaces.

"We wanted to put solar trees and solar canopies in places where people are already going, so definitely getting to charge your phone is an added bonus, but we wanted people to be able to interact with the solar and learn more about this technology," Paul said."

The devices at Boynton Beach's Ocean Breeze Park will be powered up any day now,  FPL says.  The trees are already collecting energy.