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Black voters on economic empowerment plans proposed by President Trump, Biden

'Unfortunately there’s been a lot of false promises that we’re used to.'
Posted at 6:38 PM, Sep 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 18:38:11-04

There are signs of increased interest among Black voters this election and there’s social issues, the economy, and jobs at stake to support it. Prior to their first debate, both President Trump and former vice-president Joe Biden announced plans to address employment, education, safety and other disparities among those in the Black community.

But were these plans clear last night?

”I’ve never seen a debate like this. It was a shamble,” said Robert D. Miller, Jr., a registered voter. “I didn’t like it. I didn’t like what I saw last night from either candidate.”

That was the common consensus WPTV received among Black voters and takeaways from Tuesday nights presidential debate ran the gamut.

“Neither candidate gave a health care plan,” said Miller. “I want a president that lays out a health care plan, an economic plan and responding to the social crisis happening.”

For Terry Francisco, the owner of Terry’s Hair Studio in Riviera Beach, issues like reparations should be on the table.

“Equal rights for all and reparations should be mentioned, talked about, discussed. It’s in order and it’s times,” Francisco said. “It’s bigger than money. It’s fairness.”

But Leon Martin, owner of Nuage Medical says more emphasis should be placed on police reform and access to capital.

”I care about capital investments for Black businesses and police reform,” said Martin. “Of course I’m not talking about defunding police. We need them. I want them to be better trained to deal with minorities and diverse communities in general.”

Both President Trump and former vice-president Biden have released promises to Black voters.

On Sept. 25 President Trump unveiled The Platinum Plan, that would provide billions to Black owned businesses, address health disparities, make Juneteenth a national holiday and prosecute the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations. More can be seen here:

”It looks good,” said Martin. “But unfortunately there’s been a lot of false promises that we’re used to.”

On July 28, Biden unveiled a plan to Build Back Better by Advancing Racial Equity Across the American Economy, a jobs and economic recovery plan. It would provide billions to Black and brown entrepreneurs, end pay discrimination and modernize criminal justice data infrastructure. More can be seen here:

”It’s about the education,” said Martin.