As the tropics heat up, get your storm plan ready

Posted at 12:19 AM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 07:39:32-04

As the tropics heat up, now is a good time to make a storm plan for you and your family.

By shopping early for the essentials you can beat the lines at the store and have time to bargain shop.

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Some of the top items on your checklist should be:


1.) Food: Store enough non-perishable food to last at least three days. Canned goods are convenient if you lose power.

2.) Water: Stock up enough water for each person in your household to last at least three days. Each person should have  a supply of one gallon of water per day. Websites like 'My Grocery deals' can help you find the best bargains for the items you're looking for at stores near you.

3.) Pick up a first aid kit.

4.) Ask your doctor or pharmacist about storing your prescriptions. Make sure you have enough non-prescription drugs like aspirin or pain killers.

5.) Fuel up. Store enough gas for your generator should you lose power. If you don't have a generator, stock up on batteries for flashlights. Also, always keep your car's gas tank full.