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34 women housed for the holidays in Palm Beach County

Posted at 1:10 PM, Dec 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-25 13:13:53-05

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — During the holiday season many people are getting together with friends and loved ones.

Thanks to organizations like the Lord's Place many women in our area, who otherwise would be homeless, have a roof over their heads to celebrate the holidays.

The Lord's Place has been helping the homeless population in Palm Beach County for over 40 years.

According to the organization, on any given night in Palm Beach County there are 200 women living on the street.

And through the Lord's Place and their 3 women's houses, a total of 34 women have a place to call home.

"Who knows everyone's stories? We're quick to judge or look at the person on the side of the road or look at the person at the intersection, oh they put themselves in that position. We're quick to judge, we're quick to assume - who knows what people's stories are," said Mark Montgomery, a volunteer with the Lord's Place. "I don't know your story, you don't know my story. We all have different stories. And to see what the Lord's Place has done with the transformation that has happened in these women's lives, in the men's lives, in the family's lives, it's spectacular."

One of places that is housing people is the Burckle Place that's located in Lake Worth Beach.

Staff says it's the only supportive housing program in the country designed exclusively for single homeless women.

According to the Lord's Place, the program’s structure prioritizes education and skill-building and empowers each woman to develop the confidence and means to live independently.

The housing also encourages volunteerism and activities which allow women to get out into the community and network.

Another house by the Lord's Place called Halle Place is in West Palm Beach, with similar services but is designed for women who were formerly incarcerated.

"I had a beautiful life before but it was interrupted in a flash and for a year I felt desolate and once I found the Lord's Place and Ms. Val Stanley and the Burkle House, I have absolutely grown to appreciate things in a different manner - what little we need and how much we can give to each other and what life really is all about and God's been a very big part of my life so yes it's changed immensely," said Jane Bradshaw, a resident at Burkle Place.

On Tuesday a holiday celebration was held at Burkle Place to bring some joy to the women who have worked so hard to get back on their feet.

Representatives for the Lord's Place said just about all organizations could use the help of volunteers and donations to help their efforts in helping others get by during the holidays and year.