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3 simple steps to decluttering a kitchen

Posted at 10:56 AM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-27 21:16:04-05

One of the hottest shows on Netflix is all about getting rid of your clutter. But some are saying there's no joy in that journey!

A local organizing expert says it does not have to be so overwhelming.

Professional organizer Tracy Bem is helping Michelle McGovern, a busy Wellington mom of 2, restore some order to her kitchen.

Michelle McGovern says: "We're literally bumping into each other, criss crossing the kitchen every morning."

Tracy says every area of the kitchen should serve a purpose. She's starting by helping Michelle create a drink station.

She begins be removing every cup, glass, tumbler and mug stacked in Michelle's cabinets. Next, every single thing is sorted, keeping "like" things together. The rejects will all be donated.

Michelle said just by doing these two steps (sorting and deciding) made her realize just how many things she had accumulated. "It gives you perspective on what you have and what you need to get rid of. It definitely was eye opening. You have exposed me!"

After you sort and decide what to get rid of, comes step 3 of Tracy's system. Placing. This step is where 'purpose' plays a big role. "The goal is to make the kitchen efficient. Everything has a place. That is what makes it less stressful for families in the morning and night."

Tracy relocates special occasion items to areas of the kitchen that are not accessed on a daily basis. She established a drink station by moving the coffee maker closer to the water source and the refrigerator then placed mugs in an adjoining cabinet.

Tracy says you don't have to organize the Marie Kondo way which involves making a total mess of a room. She says you can take one area of the kitchen, or closet and tackle it, before moving on to others.

For more information on Tracy's system and the organizing products she prefers, click here.