15 cars burglarized in Lake Clarke Shores, police searching for two thieves caught on surveilance

Posted at 11:05 PM, Dec 30, 2016

LAKE CLARKE SHORES, Fla. -- Lake Clarke Shores police need help identifying two people who they say burglarized 15 cars Friday morning.

Surveillance video from one victim's one home shows two males, who appear to be teenagers, rummaging through two cars. The cars were unlocked, according to police.


In fact, police say all 15 cars were unlocked, though some victims claim they did lock their car doors. Police say the thieves did not appear to have any tools with them to break into locked cars.


In one of the cars, police say thieves stole a firearm.


Roger Rosenstock was one of the victims.


He says he and his wife were walking their two dogs along Beta Court early this morning, and noticed two suspicious people.


“A light was on in my truck. While we were thinking why that was, my wife saw these two guys walking down the street,” Rosenstock said.


They also noticed inside car lights were on in some of their neighbors cars.


They took a closer look at their vehicles.


“We looked at the truck and it had be ransacked. After seeing those guys, we called police.”


Rosenstock feels lucky the thieves only took some loose change from his car.


Police describe the two thieves between 15- and 18- years old.


If these suspects are known to anyone call Det. Dana Schack at Lake Clarke Shores Police Department at 561-964-1515 Ext. 23