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FPL crews will spend Saturday cleaning up Florida beaches

As much as 100 pounds of trash can be found at even the cleanest beaches
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Posted at 4:57 AM, Mar 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-04 13:07:30-05

JUNO BEACH, Fla. — It's all hands on deck for Florida Power and Light crews at the beach this weekend.

Employees and volunteers will spend Saturday cleaning up Florida beaches, ridding them of trash.

The efforts come at a critical time as sea turtles begin their nesting season this week.

One of the 30 statewide cleans ups will be at Loggerhead Park in Juno Beach.

The park is home to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center, a hospital for sea turtles.

The center promotes the conservation of ocean ecosystems with a focus on endangered turtles.

According to an FPL spokesman, as much as 100 pounds of trash can still be found at some of the cleanest beaches.

"Even when you have a clean beach, you think we're going to come back with a couple bags of items, not much out here," said Thomas Bean, director of community engagement. "Then it still ends up being like over 100 pounds of garbage that people cleaned up. It's amazing what you can find."

Crews will also spend time cleaning beaches in Fort Pierce and Vero Beach.

The cleanups are part of FPL's Power to Care Week when volunteers complete community projects around the state.