Tim Kaine: Choice between 'You're hired' and 'You're fired' candidates

Headlines rally in Central Florida
Posted at 5:50 PM, Aug 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 04:21:12-04

Not long after taking the stage at Daytona State College Tuesday, Tim Kaine, the number two on the ticket for the Democrats, went after the number one on the Republican ticket.

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"Does anybody here believe in Donald Trump?" Kaine asked the crowd of 600.  "No. And you shouldn’t either,” he said.

The focus for Kaine during his 20-minute speech was jobs, saying that during their first 100 days in office, the Democrats will make the biggest investment in jobs and infrastructure since World War II.

"We do believe in a federal minimum wage and we believe we need to raise it," said Kaine.

That was good news for Jeffrey Ferguson, who was among hundreds waiting to get in and who has designs on becoming a scientist.

“If Hillary is elected, we’ll go in the right direction.  If Trump is directed we’ll go in a backward direction," said Ferguson, a freshman at Daytona State College.

Donald Trump will be campaigning in Daytona Beach on Wednesday. We'll have complete coverage on NewsChannel 5.