Stuart residents divided on Trump indictment

'He never takes responsibility for anything' and 'he'll come back on top, he always does'
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jun 12, 2023

STUART, Fla. — Former President Donald Trump is set to go before federal court in Miami on Tuesday and people in Stuart have mixed opinions about his indictment.
"Everything is a witch hunt, he never takes responsibility for anything," Susan Parks, who lives in Stuart, said.

Susan Parks of Stuart
Susan Parks of Stuart

"I'm a rational person, Joe Biden had some in the garage. These are people who have other people doing stuff for them. These documents were mishandled, they're in a ballroom, they're in a bathroom.

"But the thing is when a government agency asks you to bring them back, you're supposed to respond appropriately and not block justice."

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Todd Wilson
5:36 PM, Jun 12, 2023

Parks said she is one of the few Democrats who lives in Martin County, and that the indictment has been a long time coming.

"His cult following is going to believe anything no matter what happens," Parks said. "I hope he's indicted, and if they can put him in an orange jumpsuit for the day that would be good."

Cathy Sarro, a Republican who also lives in Stuart, said: "I'm a Trump fan. He'll come back on top, he always does."

Cathy Sarro of Stuart
Cathy Sarro of Stuart

Sarro said she's not a political person and is basing her vote based on Trump's last run.
"I just know when Tump was in office, things were really good for the economy, poor people rich people," Sarro said.

She said despite the indictment, she's a loyal supporter who feels what she calls attacks on Trump are all part of election cycle mudslinging.
"I just think that they have to find somebody to pick on so that DeSantis can become president. I mean we've had Biden and the world has gone crapola," Sarro said.

In the 2020 presidential election, Trump had the majority of votes against Joe Biden on the Treasure Coast in Martin County (61,168 vs. 36,893), Indian River (58,872 vs. 37,844), St. Lucie (86,831 vs. 84,137). Trump also had the most votes in Okeechobee (11,470 vs. 4,390).

In Palm Beach County, Biden had 433,572 votes vs. 334,711 for Trump.