Pence makes final push in Miami, tells supporters to vote, take a friend, tell everyone

Posted: 11:55 PM, Nov 04, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-04 23:55:32-04

In the heart of Miami's Cuban communities, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence pumped up his supporters with one main message.

"Florida, we need to do everything we can in the next four days to make sure Hillary Clinton is never elected president of the United States," said Pence to a crowd of supporters. 

Many of the supporters who packed Renaissance Ballrooms off SW 8 Street in Miami say they've already voted and are anxious about November 8th. 

"I already voted, I already voted. I voted at the library, I could not wait," said Gladys Bernard. 

That's the kind of energy Pence wants to spread. In an exclusive interview after the rally, he talked about the Trump-Pence campaign's focus for the next few days. 

"We're just both determined to continue to work our hearts out all the way through election day," said Pence. 

Pence says part of that determination is to show voters why Trump is the better candidate. 

"We just can't have four more years apologizing to our enemies, abandoning our friends, and hollowing out America’s military. And America’s place in the world has weakened to the foreign policy crafted by Hillary Clinton and implemented by President Obama," added Pence. 

Scott Fitzsimmons says he already voted for the Trump-Pence team. He says he wishes the FBI would have re-opened its investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails sooners. 

"Have all the cards on the table, cause finding out something November 9 is just too late," said Fitzsimmons. 

Trump will be in Tampa Saturday. Pence returns to Florida on Sunday for a rally in Panama City.