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Mayoral candidate says opponent wants to turn Boynton Beach into 'gay city'

Bernard Wright makes remark in Facebook video; Ty Penserga calls it 'embarrassing'
Ty Penerga and Bernard Wright, Boynton Beach mayoral candidates
Posted at 4:09 PM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 20:29:16-05

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — A mayoral candidate in South Florida claims his opponent wants to transform Boynton Beach into a "gay city."

Bernard Wright, one of four candidates running to become the next mayor of Boynton Beach, made those remarks in a recent Facebook video.

"Ty Penserga, y'all see his big purple, pink signs. He's gay," Wright said in the Jan. 26 post. "He wants to make this city a gay city. That's not Boynton culture."

Penserga, 33, is a current city commissioner who is openly gay. He told WPTV that Wright's words are an embarrassment to the city.

"It's embarrassing when they see Boynton Beach and this is what they hear about," Penserga said Friday. "This is not what I want for my city. This man does not represent the values of the vast majority of Boynton residents."

Ty Penserga, Boynton Beach commissioner speaks about 'gay city' remark
Boynton Beach Commissioner Ty Penserga says mayoral candidate Bernard Wright's "gay city" remark is an embarrassment for the city.

Wright, 69, seemed unapologetic in his remark and said he's not opposed to anyone who's gay, but he's also a man of faith.

"I stand on the principles of the Bible," Wright said.

Wright said he is fighting for justice and equality in his city.

"That's what this is all about," Wright said. "It's not about Ty and his gayness."

Penserga dismissed the remark as nothing more than Wright trying to draw attention to himself as much as possible.

Voters in Boynton Beach will weigh in on the matter when they decide on a new mayor March 8.