Florida Congressional District 18 heated to the end

Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 20:06:58-05

District 18 stretches from northern Palm Beach County to St. Lucie County. It's considered one of the more high-profile competitive races in the state and pits Republican Brian Mast against Democrat Randy Perkins.

The biggest local issue appears to be the waterways in the district.

"It is the big thing," says Perkins.

"Hands down water is the biggest local issue we face," says Mast.

Mast says it's about making committee members aware in Washington.

"Making sure we have avenues to get that water headed south," says Mast.

Perkins points to his experience dealing with environmental issue.

"I have a better understanding how to solve this problem," says Perkins.

District 18 is a seat both Republicans and Democrats say they have a good chance of winning. Both candidates were out rallying their supporters the day before Election Day.

Both commented on why they feel they are better suited in Washington.

"I can go over the other side. I can knock on Speaker Ryan's door. I can knock on Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's door," says Perkins.

"I think it goes above and beyond his lack of support for people who come from my background which is being a veteran, being a service member," says Mast.