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1 month into Florida's 6-week abortion law, what do abortion clinics look like?

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Posted at 7:56 AM, Jun 03, 2024

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — On May 1, Florida's six-week abortion ban took effect. That was nearly 30 days ago.

WPTV is looking into the direct impact this has had on local abortion clinics and local anti-abortion groups since we last spoke to them.

Planned Parenthood of South, East and North Florida said there has been an uptick in the amount of people they are having to turn away. They said they have had to turn away nearly 120 women seeking abortion care after the six-week mark since May 1.

A physician at Planned Parenthood said it has been a challenge for some patients coming in because they are not aware of the newer law.

“Lots of women don't know. Some of them are finding out during the education part of their visit," said Dr. Cherise Felix, a physician at Planned Parenthood. "The realization is hitting them that they don't meet criteria for Florida, and we're having to navigate them to North Carolina or another state.”

Local right to life organizations and activists also anticipated May 1 on their calendars. These organizations said they do not come to these clinics to protest. Instead, they come to pray and offer help to those who may be seeking an abortion.

Palm Beach County Right to Life has showed up at several abortion clinics over the past month. They said they have noticed a concerning amount of cars in the parking lot than there were before the six-week abortion law came into effect.

Palm Beach County Right to Life has reached out to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in an open letter.

“What I saw at Presidential [Women's Center] was beyond shocking! In the almost 15 years that I have been praying across the street from Palm Beach County's most notorious abortion mill— I have never seen a busier day at that facility! I was there from 10am-11am and in that one full hour, I counted 20 women walking into that facility," said Willy Guardiola with Palm Beach County Right to Life in that letter.

Planned Parenthood's response to the amount of cars in their parking lot was their clinics offer other services besides abortion care prior to the six-week mark.

Both groups and all sides explaining they are looking ahead to the November 2024 election where voters will get a chance to vote on Amendment 4.