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From pitch to publish: How WPTV's digital team delivers news as it's happening

WPTV lifts curtain on how its audience gets their news accurately, expeditiously
Posted at 11:43 AM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 11:51:37-05

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — From traditional televisions to now streaming, cellphones and computers, it's the way more people are getting more news more often.

"We can see when people are commenting on something, when people are clicking on something (and) the topics that are really speaking to people," Adrienne Stein, WPTV's director of digital and social media content, said.

Adrienne Stein explains role of WPTV's digital team
Adrienne Stein, WPTV's director of digital and social media content, explains how her team uses resources at their disposal to help educate and inform others.

At WPTV NewsChannel 5, digital newsgathering is an eight-person job. The team updates a revolving door of stories and dissects information from meetings once considered mundane.


In the last two years, viewers have tuned in more to school board and county meetings and they want to know developments as they happen.

"The information that comes out of these meetings is very, very important because we can send that out to our viewers, (send a push alert) in real-time as it's happening, and then they can get an idea of where things are and they can plan their lives around it," Matt Papaycik, WPTV's real-time digital producer, said.

Hollani Davis speaks to Matt Papaycik about what he does each day
WPTV's Hollani Davis speaks to colleague Matt Papaycik about his role as the station's real-time digital producer.

So far this year, the major attention grabbers are coronavirus and pandemic unknowns, the midterm elections and Florida's housing crisis.

It's the job of the web team to pinpoint topics with precision in order to win the day. But as part of a journalism machine, the priority is to make sure all digital platforms provide credible, accurate information.