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Uber and Lyft drivers join day-long strike over working conditions

Posted at 7:56 AM, Jul 21, 2021

Thousands of fed-up drivers in California are fighting for their voices to be heard and to "have a seat at the table" with the leaders at Uber and Lyft. A group known as Ride Share Drivers United is staging a strike Tuesday in California and have asked other app-based drivers from across the country to join in solidarity.

Members are protesting to show support of the PRO Act, also known as the Protecting Our Rights to Organize Act. Its a bill that passed the House back in March. If signed into law, it would allow app-based drivers organizing rights to negotiate higher pay.

Drivers say they would also like to be classified as full-time employees instead of independent contractors to be entitled to rights such as minimum wage, unemployment benefits, health insurance, and collective bargaining.

"It's for people in Florida and for people everywhere to know that this is a threat, not just to at base workers, but to all workers, as companies are looking to cut corners. And, you know, we've seen the levels of inequality that we have throughout the pandemic. It's just gonna get worse if workers don't step up and organize. And that's what the Pro Act is, is there to do. And that's why we're supporting this passage." said Organizer Brian Dolber.

In response to the groups plan to strike Lyft released the following statement:
"Drivers are busier now than they were even before the pandemic started. In our top markets, drivers are making more than $30 an hour, substantially higher than pre-covid. Lyft is also fighting to expand benefits and protections for drivers in a way that allows them to keep their independence. This is the type of forward-looking approach our drivers are looking for.”