Delicious sandwich and salad trends of 2015

Posted at 2:41 PM, Jun 09, 2015

That sandwich is so 2011.

The Food Channel has announced the top 10 sandwich and salad trendsto look out for this year. You can eat them at any meal — because that's one of the trends.

Creamy cheeses

Softer cheese are replacing hard ones. Go for burrata, fontina, gruyere and brie on sandwiches in place of more traditional, hard cheeses. In salads, feta is already common. These cheeses can be paired with yogurt bites and seeds.

Condiment enhancements

Take an old staple like ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard and add something new to it. For example, one chef makes a ketchup with blueberries, chipotle and lime ketchup. Other additions include adding dried fruits or nuts.

Seafood as the protein

Expect soft crab, lobster, whitefish and “trash fish” like Tilapia.

Vegetable infusions

Instead of eating vegetables as a side dish, they can be cooked into a sauce or spread, ground into dough or roasted and put on top of protein.

Grain salads

Grain salads are often made with tabbouleh or quinoa and may include ancient grains like freekeh, spelt, farro or chia seeds.

Salted breads and alcohol

Pretzel bread, brioche and Hawaiian rolls are becoming mainstream. New trends include salted crusts, bridor, and alcohol infusions with craft beer. Southern-style biscuits are increasing their range.

For the gluten-free or the gluten-free-curious, there’s bread made with banana flour.

Dip is hip

This is an outgrowth of an old putting dressing on the side trend. Old recipes are new again with a new dip on the side. Look for diverse new sandwich and French fry dips.

Global flavors

Globally-influenced recipes only found in food trucks are making their way to restaurants, like Korean tacos.

Burn it a little

Wilted salads are often seared or charred in a hot skillet. They can include charred endive, fried kale or spinach. Crunchy, toasted sandwiches — even getting a little burnt, is also popular.

Any meal, anytime

Salad for breakfast? Go for it. Many chains already serve breakfast all day. Expect more foods to be offered all day long.

You can check out recipes to make these dishes and more on the Food Channel website.

Gavin Stern is a national digital producer for the Scripps National Desk.